Lift Kit

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and having a reliable and honest performance automotive services to depend on is important. There are many changes that car owners can make in an effort to make a vehicle their own. Among the most popular and dramatic of these modifications is car lifting.

Through the use of either a body or suspension lift kit, car owners are able to pick their vehicle higher up from the ground and install taller tires, changing the complete look of the vehicle as well as several other aspects of its performance and character. However, there is some important information to consider before committing to the change.

Since one of the main purpose of a lift kit is to enhance the overall look of the vehicle, it is important to know both types of lift kits: body lift kits and automotive suspension lift kits. Lift kit is used to elevate a car our truck off the ground from its original stature. On the other side, suspension lift kits, are designed to increase ground clearance and are the most popular often used with trucks and four wheel drive.

Whether you're thinking of suspensions or lift kits you can bring your vehicle to Spicer Automotive and 4-Wheel Drive and one of our friendly mechanics will complete the change for you. Our trained team of auto mechanics possesses the expertise and experience to make sure your car and its systems are in good working order. Outstanding custom automotive services at an affordable price is our highest priority.

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